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Short Courses are largely overlooked by many in the private business sector, with many employers wanting their staff to already come into the work place fully skilled. The downside to this is that employers fail to keep up to date with current business practices, their staff become demotivated, and their company culture can be affected by lack of up to date skills. Here are five reasons why you SHOULD spend resources on Short Courses because in the long run, knowledegable employess are productive employees:

  1. Short Courses are not as expensive as you think and not as long as you think. Select appropriate 1-5 days courses that will help a team in your organisation resolve a current business challenge they may be facing.
  2. Show that you have your employees well being in mind. Upskilling them through a Short Course is another way of recognising their efforts. It’s not only about the monthly paycheck.
  3. There are a number of Tax Benefits that could be applicable to your business. Contact CSG Skills to find out more on how you could benefit.
  4. Short Courses give quick bursts of up to date information that help you and your employees stay relevant. Old outdated practices could be the reason why you could be losing customers or revenue without even knowing it.
  5. Short Courses cover a variety of topics. There is always a way to help employees become more knowledgable, so they can be promoted, given more responsibility or even expand on their current skills set. Empowering them with knowledge is showing them you trust them and want them to suceed!

CSG Skills offers a variety of Short Courses to suit most business, click here to find out more and make your team a productive, relevant and happy one!

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