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Benefits of Outsourcing Catering Services

The biggest advantage of outsourcing your catering is that it allows your Company to focus on their core business while entrusting the nutritional requirements of your staff to a specialist.

  • Catering Service providers stay abreast of the latest food trends
  • They employ and train all staff
  • All staff and related issues are dealt with by the Service Providers HR department
  • You get one invoice as opposed to numerous supplier invoices
  • You save on productivity as an canteen related issues are dealt with by the Service provider
  • It is convenient for companies to outsource the management of allcatering facilities as it makes budgeting less complicated.

Outsourcing your catering makes financial sense:

  • We are buying in bulk and therefore get the best possible prices.
  • The caterer is responsible for all salaries, wage overtime, pension and medical aids of his staff.
  • Most venues experience quiet periods in the year, this causes a strain on the salary bill. If the kitchen department falls under the caterer, staff can be juggled around to suit the demand.
  • The kitchen is one area where the most income can be lost for the following reasons:
  • Over catering
  • Wastage; over ordering or mishandling of perishables leads to food going off and waste. Private caterers need to remain competitive and generate a profit which is an incentive to limit waste and maximize productivity.
  • Theft; food is a basic commodity and unfortunately can lead to large scale theft.
  • The caterer is an expert at portion control which is cost saving in itself.
  • Because food and service is our game, our well trained staff combined with our dedication to food excellence, you can be assured that your food needs will be attended to beyond your expectations.

We’re doing more than serving meals. We’re creating experiences through food that…
Senior Nutrition: Drives quality of life
Healthcare: Enhances patient care
Education: Inspires future generations
Business & Industry: Healthy meals in the workplace

Our strategic objective is to operate a customer-orientated company, offering the client a more personal and specialised service without the red tape and inflexibility of a typical large organisation. We place extensive emphasis on quality, a perfect balance between nutrition and flavour being the main focus. Our skilled staff have been trained in the highest levels of food preparation and hygiene standards. The in-house Executive Chef and our registered Dietitians team up to develop our custom tailored menus to suit each client’s needs and specifications.

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