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Application to be submitted to:

Closing date: 10-11-2023

Scope & General Purpose of the Job:

To efficiently manage the Catering Function of the Unit ensuring financial, quality and service parameters are met as per the commercial contract requirements Responsible to: Area Manager Responsible for: ACM, Kitchen staff, Client In communication with:  Area Manager, Ops Manager, Head Office

Education / Qualification and Experience Requirements:

Minimum Education / Qualification: Minimum Level / Years of Experience:
Food Service Management diploma / or equivalent 5 years’ experience in a similar role

Key Performance Areas:

  1. Budget and reporting
  2. Financial Management and Risk Management
  3. Hygiene, Safety, General Safety and Quality Standards
  4. Purchasing and Stock Control
  5. Food Production, service and functions
  6. Client Liaison and Retention
  7. Systems controls and Administration


  1. Negotiating Skills, able to effectively negotiate with identified stakeholders
  2. Analytical Skills, able to interpret, compare and analyse data to identify trends and patterns
  3. Planning & Organising Skills, able to plan, prioritise, schedule and organise activities and resources to meet deliverables or deadlines
  4. Communication Skills, able to communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing
  5. Interpersonal Skills, able to develop effective interpersonal relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. People Management, able to lead, motivate and encourage team members to achieve deliverables
  7. Financial Skills, able to grasp financial concepts & perform job related calculations to meet the requirements of the position
  8. Menu planning Skills, able to align menu as per customer expectations
  9. Cooking Skills, able to produce meals across the required range of menus

Additional Skills Requirements:

  1. Own reliable transport
  2. Good Culinary knowledge / skills
  3. Excel Proficient
  4. Excellent communication skills, and Interpersonal skills
  5. Strong organisational and time management skills
  6. Decision making skills
  7. Excellent food hygiene and Health and Safety skills
  8. Excellent unit financial knowledge
  9. Excellent quality management skills
  10. Admin skills
  11. Strong function capabilities
  12. Computer literate
  13. Previous experience in healthcare essential


  1. No sufficient experience
  2. No qualifications
  3. Criminal record
  4. No previous experience in healthcare
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