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The CSG Group supports local NPO in their quest to support young, vulnerable women

In a dedicated effort to champion a meaningful social cause, Meta Tladi, representing the CSG Group, played a significant role in making a positive impact on the Zamdela Township community in Sasolburg last month.

Community Involvement for Good

On December 15, 2023, Meta participated in a community-driven event initiated by the Metsimaholo Stakeholders Forum (MSF). The primary objective of the event was to collect sanitary towels for distribution to young women within the community. MSF organised two events for the day, a Paint Fun Walk and a Soccer tournament. The entry fee for the Paint Fun Walk was a pack of sanitary towels. Participants were encouraged to wear either white or pink. The walk commenced at the Zamdela community hall and concluded at the Thembalethu sports grounds, where the second event, a soccer tournament, took place later in the morning. Eight teams participated in the soccer tournament, with each team playing a single game. As part of the team entry, each participant was required to donate a pack of sanitary towels. MSF actively welcomed donations of sanitary towels during both events, with the ambitious goal of collecting 50 000 sanitary towels. This collective effort brought them one step closer to achieving their target, benefitting underprivileged girls within Metsimaholo. The event garnered extensive community support and drew the participation of key corporate sponsors such as Babcock, Eskom, and government representatives.

CSG Groups’ Contribution

On the day of the event, the CSG Group donated 160 packs of sanitary pads and branded water bottles. This contribution plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about menstrual hygiene. A topic often overshadowed in discussions on Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The impact of these donations extends beyond the immediate event, reaching vulnerable girls in need.

Metsimaholo Stakeholders Forum: Combating Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF)

In the larger context of organisations combating Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF), MSF stands out as a Non-Profit Company dedicated to serving the community’s needs across various platforms. One of MSF’s noteworthy initiatives is the fight against menstrual poverty among vulnerable girls. In pursuit of this cause, Metsimaholo Stakeholders Forum, a local-based non-profit organisation, ensures that all development initiatives within the community take place with active community involvement. Comprising solely of local individuals, MSF’s team understands the community’s dynamics, facilitating effective collaboration with beneficiaries and project partners. Guided by the motto “Towards Sustainable Community Development,” MSF envisions a locally empowered and development-oriented community achieved through partnership and collective efforts. The CSG Group takes pride in the support we could provide to MSF.
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