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CSG Skills Solution sets a new industry record with disabled learnership completion and competency rates

In another remarkable achievement, CSG Skills, a leader in training and development have once again shattered industry norms by surpassing the market averages by significant margins! CSG Skills has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to empowering disabled learners and fostering their professional growth.

Disabled learnership – completion rate 80%
Disabled learnership – competency rate 100%

These are very high stats in comparison with the market which is sitting at the following average: Market completion rate – 45-50% and competency – 65%.

These extraordinary statistics underscore CSG’s unmatched ability to facilitate and support disabled learners in their journey towards professional success. The importance of this cannot be overstated as it benefits both individuals and the companies. CSG will continue to strive to set and maintain these high benchmarks within the industry and transform the lives of learners.

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