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CSG Skills is excited to announce its recent accreditation by the FoodBev SETA for its Block Man Butcher Skills Programme.


This accreditation marks a significant milestone for CSG Skills and solidifies its position as a trusted and approved solutions training partner in the FoodBev industry.


The Block Man Butcher Training programme offered by CSG Skills is designed to equip aspiring butchers and individuals working in the meat industry with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in their roles. The programme covers a wide range of topics, including meat cutting and preparation techniques, hygiene and safety protocols, quality control, and customer service. With a strong focus on practical training, participants gain hands-on experience to master the art of butchery and develop a deep understanding of the industry’s best practices.


Benefits of Utilising an Accredited Provider like CSG Skills:

  1. Quality Assurance: As an accredited Skills Development Provider, CSG Skills has undergone a rigorous evaluation process by the FoodBev SETA as per the QCTO Accreditation Policy and Procedure. This accreditation ensures that the training provided meets industry standards and is of high quality. By choosing CSG Skills, individuals and organisations can be confident in the credibility and reliability of the training received.
  2. Industry-Relevant Training: CSG Skills keeps pace with the latest industry trends and updates. Their Block Man Butcher Training programme is designed in collaboration with industry experts and aligns with the requirements of the FoodBev SETA and QCTO. This ensures that participants receive training that is up-to-date, relevant, and applicable to the evolving needs of the butchery industry.
  3. Enhanced Employability: Completing an accredited skills programme through CSG Skills can significantly enhance an individual’s employability within the butchery sector. The training equips participants with sought-after skills and a recognised qualification, making them more attractive to prospective employers. The practical nature of the training ensures that graduates are job-ready and capable of performing their duties with expertise and confidence.
  4. Access to Industry Networks: CSG Skills has established strong relationships within the butchery industry, enabling participants to access valuable networking opportunities. Through these connections, individuals can gain insights, forge professional relationships, and explore potential career advancements.

CSG Skills’ recent Blockman accreditation by the FoodBev SETA is a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality training and development opportunities within the butchery industry. With their comprehensive Block Man Butcher Skills Training programme, individuals and organisations can benefit Top of Form.

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