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NID TRAINING – Empowering persons with disabilities

NID – Ukweza Partnership
One of NID Training’s Hospitality programmes (National Certificate in Professional Cookery – 12 months training, followed by 6 months of industry-based, in-service training; ± 18 students per annum), is proving to be not only highly successful but has also resulted in the establishment of a mutually beneficial business partnership. Currently, NID is partnering with UKWEZA, one of the front runners of national Catering and Site Management companies, with a standing history of more than 23 years. Currently, UKWEZA is employing 20 former NID students in Gauteng, Vrystaat, KZN and Cape Town. Of the 5 former NID students that are currently in the employ of UKWEZA at Derivco in Durban, Yollanda Bonga has gained permanent employment and chances are in favour of the rest (Sifiso Zimu, Luleka Dinwa, Siphesihle Dlomo, Derona Govender) being similarly appointed within the next few months.

Brief Profile – NID
Established in 1881, The National Institute for the Deaf (NID) developed into a private, dynamic, non-profit company, rendering the full spectrum of services to the Deaf and people with hearing loss, from infancy to old age – the only of its kind in Africa! By serving the Deaf through Training, Care, and Support the Institute has become world renowned for programmes that empower persons with a diversity of hearing loss to become self-supporting citizens. With some 170 attendant specialist academic and support staff, NID delivers expert Deaf-appropriate training, care and support services daily, by offering:

  • Occupational Training for the Deaf: Further education, vocational and occupational skills training;
  • Business Training Units: Practical training, resources, entrepreneurial and financial;
  • NID Integrated Support Services: Rendering necessary Multi-disciplinary services in support of persons with hearing loss;
  • Care Centre for Deaf adults with multiple disabilities: providing for the development and holistic care of Deaf adults with multiple disabilities;
  • Elderly Care: Self-catering units and old age home with a sick bay for the Elderly Deaf
  • Congregation for the Deaf: Spiritual care outreach programme for the Deaf in their own language and culture.

The implications of being Deaf in South Africa
It is estimated that approximately 8% of the South African society are hearing impaired, hard of hearing or profoundly Deaf; they are a linguistic-cultural community that spans across South Africa and various racial grouping. The Deaf community is one of the most impoverished groupings in the country, with an unemployment rate of nearly 90% in adult Deaf persons.

Persons that are Deaf or suffer from various degrees of hearing loss are no different or less capable than any hearing person. For all practical reasons they are equally abled to hearing persons, except for the fact that they can not hear and struggle to communicate if they remain unskilled in the area of Deaf-accessible training and education. (The Deaf simply belong to a communal linguistic minority that is merely differently-abled.)

In light of the foregoing, NID College was established in 2001 to offer programmes aimed at career paths and employability for hearing impaired and Deaf youth. During 2015 NID College changed its name to NID Training, with the aim of expanding its services to ultimately include full integration of training and business units, optimization of resources and expansion of training units.

NID TRAINING – Current Programmes:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Body Repair & Spray
  • Beauty & Nail Technology
  • Business Practice & Administration
  • Care Practitioners
  • Building & Civil Construction
  • Hospitality: Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality: Services
  • Hygiene & Cleaning Services
  • Information Technology
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Joinery & Woodwork
  • Upholstery
  • Welding

Deaf-accessible Occupational, Artisan– and Skills Training
Currently NID operates 7 training and self-support income generating projects (business training units) at its Worcester campus, namely:

  • NID Nursery where plants and other gardening products are sold
  • NID Tea Garden serving breakfasts, teas, light lunches and delicacies
  • NID Laundry which both assists sister departments on campus with their washing/ironing service  and delivers the same service to the public
  • NID Building Blocks manufacturing
  • NID Beauty Salon
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Woodwork /Joinery/Upholstery Workshops

On average, NID Training caters for 124 students per annum, the sum total of students onsite, offsite, from schools and other parts of the continent.   The most recent pass rate of students averages 98%, with successful job placement averaging at 97%.
NID Training strives towards:

  • promotion of accessibility;
  • wider range of programmes and career choices;
  • empowerment for successful integration in the workplace, and;
  • investigation of affordable opportunities such as distance learning to reach more beneficiaries

NID Training will continue to change the lives of persons with disabilities, to empower them and support their human rights so that they can be successful citizens who appreciate life and lead valuable lives through paid employment.

The National Institute for the Deaf is a Section 21 company and a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 18/11/13/2636).

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