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Ukweza’s ongoing commitment regarding persons living with disabilities
Ukweza promotes the transfer of knowledge and skills to all employees. We develop our employees through nationally recognised, intensive training programs, as well-informed and skilled employees are productive and result in an effective workforce. Ukweza also prides themselves in the upliftment of communities. We are very passionate about incorporating people with disabilities within our workforce.

Our association with NID has seen many students placed at our different units nationally for practical working experience, we have also had the privilege of incorporating these leaners permanently within the Ukweza workforce.

The feed-back from units has been overwhelmingly positive with regards to the dedication and commitment from the NID students. Which has resulted in us providing financial aid to 18 of NID’s first-year students in 2017. We are hoping to sustain the good name and reputation built by both Ukweza employees and the NID students, and hope to increase the number of placements and sponsorships going forward.

We currently have a total of 54 disabled employees in our employment; of which 6 are previous NID interns that have completed their 6 months internship with Ukweza and are now permanently employed. We have 15 interns from NID within our workforce that are currently doing their 6 month practical internship with us. We look forward to assist with the placements of the 18 NID interns at our various units nationwide in 2018.

Ukweza remains committed to the furthering of persons living with disabilities for the future.

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