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Our Temporary Employment Services Recruitment Process

Finding the right employment opportunity, and the right recruitment agency that you can trust can be a daunting task for any person who wants to find reliable employment. This is where professional recruitment agencies like CSG step in, offering professional recruitment and TES services with a reliable recruitment process to bridge the gap between employers and candidates.

How to choose a reputable recruitment company

When it comes to finding employment, especially temporary employment, it can be difficult to know which companies are reputable and trustworthy and which simply aren’t. There are many horror stories about people who get caught up in scams or get taken advantage of. It is therefore vital that individuals seeking employment are able to differentiate between the fly-by- night labour brokers or ‘bakkie brigades’ and reputable recruitment agencies.

Here are a few things to look out for when seeking a reputable recruitment company:

● No fees should be charged to the candidate
● There must be a valid contract
● The recruitment company must be registered with the Department of Labour

CSG’s recruitment process

It is important to us that both candidates and employers understand our employment process and what they can expect from their journey with CSG. As a reliable Temporary Employment SoSolutions provider we follow a strict recruitment process, which entails:
1. Advertise job openings
2. Screen and assess applications received
3. Finalise candidate shortlist
4. Check references and verify certificates
5. Conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates
6. Send CV to the client for perusal and approval
7. Extend job offers to selected candidates
8. Complete pre-employment processes (i.e. medicals and drug tests)
9. Facilitate contract signing and onboarding
10. Communicate new hire information to the client
11. Hand over hired candidates to the client

How to avoid a bad hire

Define clear job requirements

Create detailed job descriptions and specifications that clearly outline the skills, qualifications, and experience required for the position.

Thoroughly assess cultural fit

Ensure all candidates understand your company’s culture and values. And don’t just assess candidates for their skills and experience but also their alignment with the company.

Conduct comprehensive interviews

Have a structured interview process that includes multiple rounds of interviews. These interviews should evaluate both technical skills and soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Use behavioural interviews

Incorporate behavioural interview questions that probe into a candidate’s past experiences and how they handled specific situations.

Check references

Conduct thorough reference checks. This can provide insights into a candidate’s performance, work ethic, and character from previous employers or colleagues.

Leverage assessment tests

Psychometric assessments are exceptional tools in validating a candidate’s ability and suitability for a position. Certain assessments will even test competency fit and potential with regards to adaptability in a certain career path. These are essential insights into hiring the right candidate, long-term.


Ensure a smooth cultural and position onboarding process to help new hires integrate into the company.

Set probationary periods

Implement a probationary period for new hires, during which their performance is closely monitored and address any issues early on.

Continuously evaluate the recruitment process

Regularly review and improve your recruitment process and assess the effectiveness of your strategies in preventing bad hires.

Monitor retention rates

Keep track of employee turnover rates and identify any patterns related to bad hires.

Learn from past mistakes

If a bad hire does occur, use it as an opportunity to learn and adapt your hiring process. Understand what went wrong and make necessary adjustments.

This blog highlights the importance of avoiding a bad hire. To ensure that you employ the correct person for the job and your team, make use of a professional recruitment agency such as CSG.

How We Source Candidates and Grow Our Database

Due to the size of our operation at any given time, formal recruitment procedures are carried out on a continuous basis which provides us with the ability to continually expand our database. CSG’s Resourcing Solution embraces local community recruitment initiatives and where this is not possible, we make use of mainstream media as well as online recruitment portals to source candidates. Local community participation is of the utmost importance to us, therefore recruitment is always done locally to ensure ease of transport and accommodation unless it is a scarce skill.

Our Methodology of Sourcing

When it comes to sourcing local talent we have a methodology that we follow to ensure community involvement and maximise the number of candidates. So, be on the lookout for registration opportunities in your local community.
● Establish a Project Employment Database
● Visit communities to assist in registration
● Encourage participation in registering on the Project Employment Database
● Book registration venues
● Create community awareness
● Actively market the opportunity, the objective, the venue, the date and the time
● Screen and interview local labour through means of a questionnaire

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