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Prioritising Human Rights Every Day

Human Rights Day is a national public holiday that provides South Africans with an opportunity to look back on the progress made in the promotion and protection of human rights.
While the 21st of March is recognised as a day of celebration for the progress that our country has made regarding human rights, CSG upholds and uplifts people every day.   While CSG employs many people, we aim to be seen as more than merely a job creator. CSG believes in a better way in everything we do. It is core to every part of our business. CSG aims to act ethically in all areas of our business, with high regard for how people are treated.   Values such as our wholehearted approach are central to everything we do, including how we conduct business, how we treat our staff, and the procurement of our suppliers.  
Reshaping standards
CSG is driven by a bold determination to reshape standards. Simply meeting government legislation on how staff should be treated and remunerated is not enough.   We strive to set the benchmark in how we look after our staff and their families, as they are truly our greatest asset. This extends to our suppliers, both locally and internationally, from whom we expect the same.   Having staff who enjoy what they do and are truly valued translates into a positive working environment. This, in turn, results in better service delivery for our clients.   We believe that being progressive is key to remaining relevant because what got us here won’t move us forward. As such, we encourage a culture of continuous learning amongst our staff, helping them become better at what they do and equipping them with the education to build a successful career and serve our customers better. This, too, contributes to staff that truly feel valued and a high staff retention rate which is excellent for business stability.  
Finding personal solutions to complex problems
While standard operating procedures and good governance are critical for doing business in South Africa, we encourage free thinking. We believe that flexibility and collaboration enable more personal solutions to complex problems. In a business that serves a wide variety of sectors, there is a lot of room for internal collaboration, brainstorming and best practice sharing, which is something that we at CSG encourage. This all results in a better working environment and ultimately better service for our customers.   As a service-based company, we pride ourselves on being wholehearted in how we serve clients, our people, and society. We hope that this serves as an example for our clients and our competitors of how people should really be treated on Human Rights Day, and every other day.
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