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Job purpose:

To ensure that all welding activities allocated is executed within time, budget and quality constraints for the project.


  • Job title of direct line manager: Site or Project Manager
  • Job title of 1 up line manager: Director
  • What is the functional area of this job? Site or Workshop
  • What is the sub-function for this job? Welding and Heat Treatment

Job titles of key/stakeholder relationships in relation to the job?

  • Group Responsible Welding Coordinator / Welding Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Welding department
  • Heat Treatment department
  • QC department
  • Clien
  • Boiler making and Fitting Department
  • Total number of direct reports: Site Dependant
  • Total number of indirect reports: Site Dependant

Work related dimensions (Yes / No):

  • Has to travel within home country? Site Dependant
  • Has to travel outside home country? Site Dependant
  • Responsible for geographical area? Site Specific
  • Is responsible for managing one or more budgets? Site Specific

3 Objectives (not tasks or activities):

These objectives are set out as follow, but they are not limited to the following:
  • Review the product standard to be used, together with any supplementary requirements.
  • Ensure that all welding and related activities are performed in accordance with all applicable client standards.
  • Welding problem investigation.
  • Provide technical advice to supervisory and inspection staff.
  • Ensure all welders performing welding operations are correctly qualified to the applicable code.
  • Maintain and update a register of welder’s qualifications using a separate identification number for each welder.
  • Review and approve all quality control plans related to welding activities.
  • Select the appropriate WPS and qualified welder for each welding operation.
  • Ensure conformance to approved WPS’s for all welding operations.
  • Coordinate training of welders to meet site/workshop specific conditions.
  • Coordinate refresher training programs for welders and arrange requalification tests.
  • Test new welders.
  • Maintain appropriate records of all welding work.
  • Review and approve all heat treatment procedures prior to heat treatment commencing.
  • Enforce ISO 3834 philosophies and practices, as required.
  • Specify welding sequences, should it be necessary.
  • Department:
  • Responsible Person: Effective as from: Page 2 of 2
  • Any print-off of this document will be classed as uncontrolled.
  • Ensure that the SWIM or Technical Review Checklists are done and assist with compilation.
  • Review the compatibility, delivery conditions, storage and handling of welding consumables.
  • Plan, organise and control the workload of welders.
  • Exercise general control over all welders and welding operations.
  • Ensure conformance to approved WPS’s for all welding operations.
  • Ensure that the environment is conducive to welding.
  • Ensure all welders welding in his/her area of responsibility are correctly qualified to execute the work assigned to them.
  • Exercise control of materials and consumables for welding operations in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Ensure the correct handling and storage of all welding consumables in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Ensure that all consumables used conform to the relevant WPS used.
  • Ensure all equipment used in welding operations is calibrated in accordance with the applicable requirements.
  • Ensure that all welding equipment is adequately maintained, and the maintenance records are kept updated.
  • Plan for adequate equipment for preheating and post-heat treatment, including temperature indicators and power sources.
  • Traceability of welder and welding operators to specific welds.
  • Traceability of welding procedure specifications to specific welds.
  • Traceability for fully mechanized and automatic welding units to specific welds.
  • In essence, the requirements of ISO 14731 Annexure B and ISO 3834-2 sections 7, 10.2, 10.3 and 11 must be met. These requirements are in addition to the requirements set out on site and the above.



  • (Certificate/Diploma/Degree/Professional body)
  • International Welding Practitioner (IIW IWP) or higher, preferably International Welding Specialist (IIW IWS).


  • SO 3834-2 and ISO 14731 in-depth knowledge
  • Understand how a quality management system is used in any company and what is expected.
  • Welder qualifications and all essential variables according to ASME and EN ISO
  • Welding procedure specifications and all essential variables according to ASME and EN ISO
  • Site management background to be able to manage a group of people.
  • Welder placement according to their WRR and also understanding what how all weld repairs occur and what can be done to mitigate them.
  • Any other requirements set out on the site specifically.


  • Ability to work productively without close supervision.
  • Ability to effectively handle projects that run concurrently.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to take initiative and solve problems.
  • Planning and scheduling.
  • Ability to work well with others in a team setting.
  • Computer literate (MS Office).


  • If SMA work experience, then 5 years experience as Welding Supervisor. Internal process is Acting Charge hand for 1500 hours, then appointed as charge hand. Then acting supervisor for 1500 hours, then appointed as Supervisor. Lastly working as Supervisor for 1500 hours. This equates to 4500 hours of work which is 5 years experience.
  • If outside work experience, then 5 years experience as appointed RWC in the power or petrochemical industry.


  • HR
  • Line Manager
  • Incumbent


  • Please mail your CV to using the job title as your subject line: SENIOR WELDING SUPERVISOR, MPUMALANGA as a reference. Please attach all relevant certified qualifications to your CV.
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