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Temporary position till 30/06/2024 (Hybrid)


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Systems, Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Industrial Engineering or related field.
  • Microsoft Certification as Power BI Data Analyst Associate.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with great attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment as well as independently.

Experience and Knowledge:

  • Minimum 3-4 years of experience in building reporting solutions using Power BI.
  • Strong proficiency in Power BI Desktop and Power Bi Service.
  • Minimum 2-3 years in the following applications: SQL, SharePoint site development, PowerApps, Power Automate
  • Proven expertise in data integration from various sources such as Azure Synapse, Excel, CSV, SharePoint and Power BI datasets.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and developing interactive and visually appealing reports, dashboards, and visualizations in Power BI.
  • Solid understanding of data visualization best practices and ability to translate complex data into clear insights.
  • Expertise in writing complex DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) formulas for creating advanced calculations and measures.
  • Proficiency in Power Query M Language for data transformation and cleansing.
  • Familiarity with SQL queries and database concepts.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of Agile methodology in project execution.


  1. Source and Integrate Data:
    Extract, transform, and load data from multiple sources including CSV files, SharePoint, Excel spreadsheets, Power BI datasets and Microsoft Azure Synapse.
    Ensure data accuracy, completeness, and consistency during the integration process.
  2. Collaboration and Scope Definition:
    Engage with end users and stakeholders to understand reporting requirements and define the scope of reports.
    Translate business requirements into technical specifications and data models.
  3. Technical Design and Report Development:
    Develop technical designs for Power BI reports, including data models, calculations, relationships, and visualizations.
    Utilize DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) for creating complex calculations and measures.
    Design efficient and user-friendly report layouts and interactive dashboards.
    Implement visualizations, interactive filters, slicers, and drill-through capabilities to provide an immersive user experience.
  4. Validation and Verification:
    Ensure the accuracy and reliability of data within the reports.
    Perform testing and validation to confirm that reports meet the defined requirements.
  5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT):
    Collaborate with end users to conduct UAT, addressing feedback and refining reports accordingly.
    Ensure that the reports align with users’ expectations and fulfil business needs.
  6. Documentation:
    Design methodology and project documentation – technical specifications, business process documentation.
    Creating a user manual or Playbook of each report.
  7. Launch and Adoption:
    Change Management Process Technical Skills Required for this Role:
    • Data Modeling and Transformation:
      Proficiency in Power Query Editor for data transformation and cleansing.
      Ability to design and implement complex data models using relationships, calculated columns, and measures.
      Understanding of data normalization, denormalization, and star schema design.
    • DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Language:
      Expertise in writing complex DAX formulas for creating advanced calculations and measures.
      Ability to optimize DAX expressions for performance and efficiency.
      Familiarity with DAX functions for time intelligence, filtering, and iterating.
    • Data Visualization:
      Mastery of Power BI’s visualization capabilities, including custom visuals and themes.
      Skill in selecting appropriate chart types and layouts to effectively communicate insights.
      Experience with drill-through, drill-down, and cross-filtering techniques.
    • Power Query M Language:
      Proficiency in writing custom M queries for data transformation and data source integration.
      Understanding of M language functions, data types, and query folding.
    • Performance Optimization:
      Knowledge of techniques to optimize report performance, including data model size reduction, query folding, and query performance tuning.
      Familiarity with query execution plans, data refresh strategies, and incremental loading.
    • Integration and Automation:
      Skill in integrating Power BI with other tools and services, such as Azure services, SQL Server, and SharePoint.
      Ability to design automated data refresh and report distribution workflows.
    • Collaboration and Sharing:
      Proficiency in sharing and publishing reports to Power BI Service and Power BI Report Server.
      Understanding of role-based security, row-level security, and sharing settings.
    • Troubleshooting and Debugging:
      Skill in diagnosing and resolving data connectivity issues, formula errors, and visualization anomalies.
      Proficiency in using Power BI’s diagnostic tools and logging features.


  • Please mail your CV to using the job title as your subject line: SPECIALIST POWER BI DEVELOPER, SANDTON as a reference. Please attach all relevant certified qualifications to your CV.
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